Regional seminar in Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine, 08 - 13 August 2018

The second regional seminar was carried out for young people from Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

The seminar was held in Kyiv, Ukraine. We choose Kyiv as a venue of the seminar because of its very convenient geographical position. Besides, Ukraine is a country with many internal and external problems. One of the problems is situation with internally displaced persons, their adaptation and integration. Therefore the themes of the work plan are extremely important in this country.

There are several underrepresented groups of young people with fewer opportunities to access to rights and information in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova: rural youth, migrants and refugees, internally displaced persons, ethnic minority groups, young women. Selected participants represented all these groups.


Ukraine was repersented by internally displaced persons and rural youth. Representatives of minorties, rural youth and young women came from several regions of Belarus. Young people of Moldova came from Gagauzia – autonomous region of Moldova where national minority Gagauz people is living. Participants represented organizations working with rural youth, minority youth, young women, etc.

The programme of the seminar included many practical exercises: role-playing games, Forum Theater, simulations that allowed participants to informally discuss issues of access to rights and information for young people and consolidate their knowledge and skills.