Regional seminar in Narva

Narva, Estonia, 22-27 May 2018

The regional seminar in Estonia was the first of three regional seminars within the framework of the work plan.

The seminar gathered together young people Finland, Estonia and Russia.

The venue of the seminar was not chosen by chance. Narva is the place where about 90% of inhabitants are Russian-speaking minority. Besides, Narva’s region is far from the capital and borders with Russia. The region encounters with economical difficulties. Uneasy social, geographic and economic situation affects on local youth awareness and opportunities.


Estonia was represented by Russian-speaking youth (students, youth activists and youth workers) from Narva, Narva region and Tallinn. Participants from Russia were youth workers, rural young people, youth specialists working with foreign students from Karelia region, Sankt Petersbourg and Ivangorod. Participants from Finland were migrants, minorities, and youth workers working with migrants.

Participants explored local realities of minority youth work and access to rights and information. Special emphasis was made on specific groups of young people: Russian-speaking minorities in Estonia, migrants and refugees in Finland, foreign students and rural youth in Russia. Participants were trained and received knowledge and developed skills necessary for implementation of local activities of the work plan as well as further work.